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Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin

Find Worms provides a simple and easy way for finding descriptions and reviews for all kinds of green products that encourage a living on less to live for more attitude. Find Worms is only interested in promoting high quality, eco-friendly products that further our goal of ultimately helping to cut carbon emissions, decrease the amount of trash in landfills, and ensure that everyone's impact on the environment is reduced with the help of a community of companies and individuals going green.

- Produces compost year round

- Easy one-step assembly

- Redesigned for faster compost

- 20 year warranty

- Step-by-step DVD guide

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Coco Coir Brick


- Great soil amendmant

- Coco Coir Brick expands 5 to 7 times when soaked in water

- Improves flow of moisture

- Lasts longer than peat moss

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Coco coir brick