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FindWorms was created and designed as an easy to use resource for people looking to buy composting worms from worm farms in their local area. Over the years Find Worms has grown and expanded to include additional resources for eco-conscious people such as product reviews and organic gardening blurbs. Our purpose at Find Worms is to promote composting worms, contribute to a living on less to live for more attitude, and also to help others interested in composting with worms do the same. We want to assist individuals and businesses alike in finding the resources they need to further their goals of Going Green.

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Garden Housekeeping

GARDEN HOUSEKEEPING By Kathy Anderson   Garden housekeeping is done for two reasons. Keeping the garden neat and clean is done to maintain the aesthetics of the garden, and also to maintain the health of the plants in the garden.   Keeping the garden free of weeds is a simple step that will improve both the beauty and health of any garden. After all, it’s difficult to enjoy your beautiful flowers if they are hidden amongst weeds. Weeds also attract and harbor plant dise...

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How Going Green Saves You Money

 How Going Green Saves You Money   There are many examples of how going green saves you money. Kermit the Frog was wrong - it IS easy being green, and it saves you money at the same time. As the planet faces a period of warming where our actions are believed to be the prime cause, it makes sense to seek out examples of how going green saves you money and act on them.   That cell phone charger that stays plugged in, the DVD player that waits for the occasional playing, and the TV ...

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Can Earthworms Replace Your Garbage Man

by Amity Hook-Sopko Ever stop to think about what it means to throw something away? Where is “away”? Just because you throw itaway from where you are, does that mean it’s gone? What if there were no weekly garbage pick up?  If we were responsible for our own waste disposal, would the average American family still throw out more than a hundred pounds of food a month? Would we have a mini-landfill in our backyard for all the food scraps, plastic wrap, and other product...

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