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Stacy Luke

Hi there, I'm wondering if you have any composting worms available. Thank you,
Stacy Luke


Here are the top-10 in peace. Note that the peace score, listed iealdimtmey after the state name, is designed so that the higher the score, the lower the peace. After the peace score, I have added the percentage of African-American population in the state, and the reverse rank of the state with regard to AA population %.1 Maine 1.34 1.03% 4th2 New Hampshire 1.50 1.22% 7th3 Vermont 1.54 0.87% 2nd4 Minnesota 1.62 4.57% 20th5 North Dakota 1.71 1.08% 5th6 Utah 1.75 1.27% 8th7 Massachusetts 1.80 7.02% 25th8 Rhode Island 1.83 6.36% 23rd9 Iowa 1.85 2.68% 11th10 Washington 1.87 3.74% 15thOf these 10 states, 5 are among the bottom 10 in African-american population percentage. OK then, let us look at the 10 states with the worst peace scores: The same stats turn out to be:41 Maryland 3.24 29.44% 47th42 South Carolina 3.26 28.48% 46th43 Oklahoma 3.27 7.96% 25th44 Arkansas 3.30 15.76% 38th45 Texas 3.30 11.91% 33rd46 Alabama 3.42 26.38% 45th47 Florida 3.50 15.91% 40th48 Nevada 3.50 8.10% 26th49 Tennessee 3.61 16.78% 41st50 Louisiana 3.97 31.98% 49thSo, of the 10 least peaceful states, 6 are among the top-10 in AA population percentage. 3 of the remaining 4 have large Hispanic populations. On page 6 of the pdf report, there are also these 2 sentences: Note: Washington D.C. is excluded from the list, as outlined in the methodology section of this report. The aim of the research will be to further our understanding of what types of environments are associated with peace sub-nationally and to define the positive economic impact of peace. I think I have established an important factor in that environment. #Times the word race is mentioned in the 55-page report: 0


I saw via the Nottingham City Council Website the you are looking for vuneltoers to work on the reception at your farm and was wondering how I would go about volunteering for this position.Thank you, Hannah.

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