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Urban Worm is a Berkeley-based worm farm that provides worms and vermicompost to gardeners, nurseries, farmers, and home worm composters around the bay area and throughout the United States. We offer free monthly workshops on site. We are a project of Urban Adamah, a non-profit farm and environmental education center.

Urban Worm is committed to providing you with the highest quality and healthiest organically raised red wigglers (eisenia fetida) and nutrient rich vermicompost. Our red wigglers, the most well known and commonly used composting worms, are grown on-site at our one-acre organic urban farm. They can tolerate a range of temperatures and conditions, live happily in easily maintained worm bins, and will multiply quickly when cared for properly. Home worm composting is a fun and easy way to transform your food waste into a high-nitrogen garden amendment (Vermicompost).

Incorporate vermicompost into your garden to improve soil structure and moisture-holding capacity, add essential nutrients from a natural source, and improve the cation exchange capacity for greater nutrient uptake. Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants that resist pests and disease.
We are very excited to be bagging our living vermicompost which will be offered along side of our worms at East Bay Nursery very soon. This is a mixture of nutrient-rich worm castings, organic material, worms and the other organisms that make up the rich biodiversity of healthy soil.

Urban Worm exists to bring the benefits of worm castings to the world. We like to think that we are saving the world, one worm at a time. For more information and a workshop schedule, please visit

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