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- For the record, the nanimg issue is tough for some heterosexual couples too, especially when the lady is a feminist who doesn't like the historical default. I hate the idea that women alone are expected to switch families , or worse, become someone else's property . So for the time being, my husband and I have each kept our last names. I was a fan of the mash-up, he was not. In my view, we've just punted on the problem. There will be a whole new round of negotiations when/if we have to name children. At least you've got that issue settled.


I have worked with Kevin twice- both times he has been exinotcpeal. I've come with and without garments although he usually supplies everything. He had a wonderful hair&make-up team the second time we shot together who made me feel like more of a model. One thing that I really enjoy about Kevin is his ability to guide the shoot by directing the model.. he does this without being overbearing or pushy yet still strong enough to get the images that has idealized. I personally thoroughly enjoy this about Kevin- I'm sure if you (as a model) had more experience than I and could rock the shoot entirely, he would probably be quiet the whole time- aside from the occasional joke or compliment. I definitely look forward to working with him again in the near future! Thank you for everything, Kevin!

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