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Driving Directions Driving Directions 1111 Ask Me Street,
Sun City, California 92585

United States of America


Sun City




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We sell red wiggler composting worms by the pound -- $12 for 1/2 lb., $20 for 1 lb. We do not ship worms, but can meet you or set up a time for you to come by and pick up your order. Come find us on Facebook!

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Dan Corbin

Red worms, galore! We have the red worms. Nice size this
year. Would be happy to ship worms to you! Please give us
a try to fill your red worm needs. See our prices at:


Dan Corbin-owner
Wisconsin Worm Farm
Tel: 608-647-2008
Cell: 608-475-2624

Cheryl Miller

I would like to know how many worms are in a pound?

Vicki Summers

About how many worms are in 1/2 lb. and 1 lb.? I am just starting out and live in Warner Springs but I come to Temecula now and then to get groceries. It would be nice to meet you in Sun City some time to pick up the worms. I believe that would be off the 215? Thank you for your help.

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