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We offer the best composting worms for the gardener. Our worms are top quality and inexpensive taking the hassles out of composting.

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Hello, Veggie49, I have a royalty acregae interest near you in Weld County Township 11N 64W Section 20, where EOG has recently won permit approval also. I haven't received any other official word about when they would start to drill, but intuition tells me they would start this Spring or Summer since it is the start of the drilling season , what with better weather and all. I think EOG has a confidentiality agreement going on with Weld County officials not to release information about a well or wells until the last minute, probably to avoid any loss of timing advantage to competitors or other landowners in the area. This is all just my opinion, but I think that's going on. Alot of the other townships and sections are being leased right now in this area, so I'm excited about it too. I would think that with an approved permit in hand, EOG would want to commence drilling as soon as they can, but it's understandable that with all the other active leases they have in this area, they wouldn't want to have too much on their plate at one time. Patience here is called for, but they'll get to it. They wouldn't have bothered to permit it otherwise. Let me know if you hear anything!! DRILL,BABY, DRILL!!!

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