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San Andreas, California 95249

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San Andreas



(209) 754-5030

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100% pure organic worm castings, super composting nightcrawler worms, and liquid castings, organic fertelizer, Composting worms. Composting worms available by mail order only. Worm casting available by mail order or at garden supply stores.

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Introduce ladybugs and priayng mantis to eat the harmful bugs, you can buy eggs online. There are also organic sprays and things but I think beneficial insects are the easiest way to go, let them do the work for you.I think a physical barrier works well too. If you have certain plants that get really munched put them in raised beds with netting over the top.Search organic gardening supplies to buy online.Happy gardening!!

Kathy Kelly

What are our prices, including shipping, tax and whatever else? I live in Amador County - I really can't come pick them up?

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