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Bruce,Thank you for the information about the red wgeglir cocoons and their lifespan. I started out with about 1,000 red wgeglirs a year ago and now have probably 3,000 to 4,000 (although I am not really sure). I have two systems for my worms. I have a large Rubbermaid plastic storage container that sits on top of a furniture dolly (the dolly is great for moving the worms around within a shed!) and one of those stackable five-tray systems that is in a spare bathroom tub (and yes, my wife did give me permission to have that in there, as long as there was no mess). Here's my question, What is the best way to process and sterilize new dirt for the worms? I was thinking of taking regular soil from the ground, and pouring boiiling water over it to (a) kill any critters that might be in the soil, and (b) kill any bacteria or germs in the soil. Good idea or bad? What do you recommend?Thanks!Craig

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