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BrianWelcome First of all do not use any dirt for most worms as they do not survive in dirt as this is not their ntuaral habitat. A good base for most worms including but not limited to is red wigglers, European nightcrawlers and African nightcrawlers is pre-soaked sphagnum peat moss. Place about two inches as a base. Then go ahead and add shredded newspaper and dampen it. Best with a sprayer to mist the paper. Place your food scraps in one side or corner to start by creating a hole in the peat and lightly cover again.Bruce

Nancy Warner

Could I get 20 pounds of red wigglers? How much would that be?

clayton moravec

I am looking for a pound of red wigglers for composting.
I live in Baltimore.



I am looking for a pound of red wigglers to start composting. Do you have these available? Will you be open on Monday, February 4? If not, what are your normal operating hours?


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