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I don't know what nightcrawlers need, so I'm not sure what the peolbrm was though if you had a bunch of drainage, my first thought is that it was too wet in there.I would definitely go with red wigglers. They're easy enough to order online, and they're the best worms for vermicomposting. Also it doesn't have to be so warm. I kept my worms in the pantry, which was frequently pretty nippy in the winter. But as long as they don't freeze, they're fine. I don't know if the warm temperature were actually a peolbrm again, not sure what nightcrawlers need, but temps in the 70 s seems pretty warm to me.The bedding should be damp not wet. When you first make it up, let it drain a day before adding the worms if it's heavy-wet. Was this answer helpful?

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