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How lovely. They bring back so many meiemros. We used to have a few sheep on the farm I grew up on - mostly for meat for us. There was an old guy - sort of a hermit - who lived over the mountain from us and he had lots of sheep. He used to ring us whenever he had a ewe who either died in birthing or was unable/unwilling to care for her lamb. We had 14 at one point. I loved them. Can still remember all their names. We had the few, too, who were just too weak to make it. So many mornings, we drove over before school to pick up another little orphan and bring them home and warm them in front of our wood stove.Unfortunately, they grew up way too friendly with our dogs and as a result no natural fear of wild dogs or dingoes, so some met not nice ends. I remember one little bloke - he used to go hunting with the dogs and try to chase the dingoes. We had such fun playing with the lambs and feeding them each day. Have to be one of my favourite pets ever. Hope your kids enjoy these as much. No doubt my mother felt as you do - busy on a farm and already with way too much to do - but the meiemros you're creating will last your children into their adult years. Take care.

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