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Marty Nash

I'd like to order 0ne pound of red wigglers
cell 770-235-7713 email is

Dwight Mays

I need 1 lb of red wigglers.

Herrons worm farm

What happened, to all the worms, called and asked for Mike, he said you all were "out of worms" ???? the web page is not up either. That explains my sudden surge in sales. I was going to order 10 pounds or more for restocking.

Bill Kelley

What a nice surprise to find a worm supplier, etc. so close to Tifton and in an area where I might even have had contact with you before. Because you are on Crenshaw Road does that not mean that you know Al and Janis?
I am interested in finally getting a good start into making better use of my two compost bins and I'd greatly prefer some good advice from those who know what they are doing.
Bill Kelley, Tifton

Herron Worm Farm

Mike has been a great help, though the years.

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