Ordering tips


A few Useful Tips When Buying Worms for Vermiculture

  • Remember, worms are perishable, but they can survive more than a week in shipping and regularly ship across the U.S.
  • Worms cannot tolerate extreme temperature, over 100 degrees and under 35 degrees can be lethal to your worms
  • Be sure to order the right species, composting worms are different than most fishing and feeding worms.
  • Use a credit card when ordering, most worm growers guarantee live delivery.
  • Double check shipping arrangements, make sure you know the actual day of shipping, and how they are being shipped.
  • Via U.S. Mail, tell your postman that you are expecting a worm delivery, if the temperature is too hot or too cold outside, arrange to pick the package up from the post office. It is not uncommon for worms to die in the mailbox if the temperature is above 80 degrees.
  • Worms will suffer from stress while being shipped and may take a little time to acclimate to their new home.
  • Allow reasonable time for the delivery. Double check with the worm grower for any tracking information
  • Remember that worms are living creatures and make any other necessary arrangements to ensure a good worm finding experience.