Add Worm Farm Worm Wranglers of Skagit County


Mary Harvey

Am looking to purchase red wiggler worms. Are you open today? I'm coming from Bellihgham.

Many thanks,

Mary Harvey


Was hoping to order a pound and a half of Red Wiggler Worms. I am here in Bellingham, WA.

Please let me know the price and how to place an order!



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steve jordan

I am interested in purchasing some worms for my winter garden hoop house. I tried to click on buy now, but kept coming up with a error msg.

Could you provide me with a cost , and qty. of worms that you have for sale.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Jordan

Raina Miller

Hello! I called a little while ago. I'm glad I did. I didn't know that 2 hours is needed to collect the worms. I am really hoping to get my worms today if possible. I live in Bellingham and am looking forward to the field trip. Call or email
425 319 5401

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