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Available for workshops in Northern New England on setting up worm composting systems for the homeowner/homesteader.

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As the birth mother, I have to say that today was bieswrtetet. My apartment definitely feels a little emptier tonight without all my worms. I didn't hear, Welcome home, mommy! from 1,000 little mouths when I came in the front door. But, I don't think I could have found better foster parents for them, and for that I am grateful. Please tell Christian not to work them TOO hard, especially not at first today's journey may have been taxing on them. When are visiting hours?-N [url=]mswtgedsb[/url] [link=]sgxdci[/link]


Yes, I agree with the viewers who have conmtmeed that I let my home-made worm bin get too "hot" (due to: overfeeding, lack of air holes, and lack of drainage holes for the worm pee).I believe in showing not only what I try that goes well, but especially showing my mistakes, which I learn from (and maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes)!Thanks, viewers,? for the great feedback and tips. MUCH appreciated!

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