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Sells red worms, worm castings and red worm cocoons.

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CraigI have heard that red wigglers can live up to ten years. I pelonsarly have not tagged one with a radio transmitter to follow From experience I would have to say anywhere from one year to three years can be expected after the worm grows to full size under the right conditions. Take for example African nightcrawlers would be total life expectancy of 2 to 4 years since the worms we sell take 8 months to reach a size of 6 to 8 inches in length, and will grow some more given enough time. I have had African nightcrawlers as long as ten inches plus without being stretched out.As for thinning worms, the best and easiest approach is to keep them thinned out. Simply screen your bedding every two weeks if a large system or perhaps once a month for a 18 gallon size worm bin for cocoons. Use some of the original bedding material for your cocoons to hatch in and allow them to grow. Wait about 4 months to screen the new bin of cocoons which gives the red wigglers enough time to grow, mature and begin producing cocoons.Again this differs with different types of worms. African nightcrawlers do not mature until about five months old, hence you would allow this bin to sit for six months or so before screening the hatched cocoons again.Bruce


I'm the reasons she reeclycs glass (which you can't do in our town so she is taking it to OKC area when they are up there)! Last Christmas I got a card with a letter from a friend saying because of me she has gone green, now she sales cloth wipes, eats organically and much more. A friend just got Method cleaners to replace the toxic ones she was using cause of me.I hope there are more stories people haven't passed on to me yet as well. Sometimes I think people just get tired of hearing my green talk but it's worth it if some are listening!

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