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Driving Directions Driving Directions 6902 Highway 25 North,
Hodges, South Carolina 29653

United States of America

South Carolina




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Villager - not sure I agree with you on this one. Let me explain. Fox has, ayalws will, gun after anyone not sharing white anglo-saxon protestent conservative views. So their witch hunt should not be surprising. But why the others? Well you know what I say about Ducks! What we have here is racist fear! The Obama candidacy is seen as a threat to their way of life. And threats must be dealt with "by any means necessary". And what better way to do it but via mainstream media. If Barack were not ahead, there would be no fear and therefore, no attacks. Fox virus? I suggest that the virus has simply been dormant in mainstream media until now. Remember what "mainstream media" did to Martin and Malcom. They haven't changed...they still know how to waddle.Sjp


that there was knowledge that Wright could have been a prolebm for Obama a year ago. So, with that in mind, I guess he had some inkling of a potential prolebm, then maybe he should have addressed it back then or distanced himself even more back then. He still kept him on a committee on his campaign until this furor broke. Sean Hannity, a man I cannot stand, interviewed Wright a while back, and has been digging ever since. The question I have to all is, is why did Oprah stop going to the church? She was a regular attendee. So, while she is not connected to Obama's campaign, there may be some slight connection with her decision to stop going to that church. Additionally, I find it really hard to believe that Obama had no clue that Wright was capable of uttering such controversial statements. The relationship with Obama and his church spanned 20 years. There is more to it than he is saying. Just my thoughts....Janet


I'm going through this EXACT siutitaon and can relate to Mitzi's experience as I've also been with my on-again-off-again boyfriend. After our last break-up I made the decision that I needed professional help to break the cycle- coz despite how deeply hurt and depressed I would be after a break-up, it would just take one text from him to hook me all over again- so I started seeing a psychologist. But this did'nt help either. In my head I know that I'm fabulous and I deserve better and I know that I'm not happy when we're together but I dont know how to break this cycle. I think I feel like we're never really finished- maybe thats why i always get back with him.Please help

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