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Hey Hans,i like to see your way of motivation and trnnaiig of the incoming saison because you are THE lionman!! You are the man with focus on what you do,with the right ambissionand you can give great motivation starting hard trnnaiig after an injury.BUT i hate that you donb4t give a fuck about your blog and website? and this means that youn donb4r care about your fans?what do your sponsors say when you not even update your website?i really like your whay of spirit and trnnaiig but I would really like to get some updates of your trnnaiig and recovery!!


I hope your birthday was super duper happy! So many lovley images :) Thanks for stopping by my blog awhile back; I appreciate that, and the fact that you left a comment, SO much. I'm trying to get back into blogging a little..would love to become blog buds!xoTracy


Glad I've finally found smeothing I agree with!

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