Worm Cafe

    Mid-Scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes
    by Paul Bourgeois, Binet Payne

    Describes how a teacher and her students developed a system to compost lunchroom waste with worms and save their school $6000 per year. How they performed a waste audit, garnered support from school personnel. Discusses bins, bedding, maintenance, harvesting and using castings in the school garden.

Worms Eat My Garbage

    by Mary Appelhof

    This book is the definitive guide to vermicomposting; the process of using worms to recycle food and paper waste into nutrient-rich food for your garden. Worms Eat My Garbage provides complete illustrated instructions on setting up and maintaining small-scale worm composting systems. Internationally recognized, the author has worked with worms for nearly three decades.

Worms Eat Our Garbage

    By Mary Applehof

    Three creative educators collaborated to produce this guide for classroom and home. Centered around a classrooom worm bin, this curriculum uses over 150 worm-related activities to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in children grades 4-8. Three sections include "The World of Worms," "Worms at Work," and "Beyond the Bin." Includes resource materials for teachers.

Chicken Coup and Tractor Design Plans

    The ultimate design plans that allow you to build your own portable chicken coup also called a "chicken tractor". Within a day you'll have up and running a uniquely designed coup that has been furtherly tested. Add any type of chicken and transform that once stationary coup into a productive tilling machine! 

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