Worms Eat Our Garbage

Product Description

This unique curriculum for home, school, and outdoor centers brings the fascinating subject, earthworms, to the educational setting in an exciting and informative manner. It emphasizes worm-habitat, needs, physical description, and relationship to other living things -- without harming them! It brings new ideas, knowledge, and learning about solid waste issues to grades 4 and up. Rich in content, the book integrates vermicomposting activities with science, mathematics, language arts, biology, solid waste issues, ecology, and the environment in ways that draw children into the learning process.



"Ever since we discovered the Sprout House we've been fascinated by the role of worms in gardening / food-farming. This is a great resource with tons of fun and terrific interdisciplinary activities." - Reach and Teach

"We had a Math/Science Expo at school and our work was much admired by all. Vermicompositing was a big hit!" - Gerri Faivre, Teacher East Wood School, Oyster Bay, New York


Our Two Cents

Trying to review this book internally was difficult as the text is intended for use in the classroom and geared towards an elementary level audience. However, the book is full of useful information on vermicomposting and contains a multitude of related learning activities. If you are a teacher looking to integrate a vermicomposting program into your curriculum, I recommend taking a look.

Worms Eat Our Garbage

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